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Have some questions about various drywall repair and remodeling aspects of your home? We've got the answers. Find out some useful information about how to improve the condition of various parts of your house and maintain them by taking a look at the FAQs below.

Should I expect mess from popcorn ceiling removal?

Not at all - in fact, the popcorn ceiling removal process is one of the cleanest procedures there is. A technician will carefully cover your furniture and protect the entire room with plastic sheeting before misting the ceiling with water and removing the popcorn ceiling. You can rest assured that your property and possessions will remain safe throughout the process.

Will remodeling make my home dusty and dirty?

Apart from the demolition phase, you shouldn’t see much dirt and dust around your home when the technicians start remodeling. Keep in mind that your house will be sealed off and that very little dust will be able to escape the work areas. Remember to throw a cloth or a plastic sheet over sensitive electronics and furniture to protect them from dust, especially during the sanding phase.

How can I use drywall panels to remodel my home?

Drywall installation can help you create more rooms inside your residential or commercial property. New panels can be used to hang a painting or a television set or compartmentalize one large existing space into several smaller sections. Drywall removal can turn several sectionalized spaces into one large hall, and leave some free space for you to utilize however you see fit.


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